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This is an animation on the clay man that goes insane

Starcraft FA 3
This is an awesome game to play, you protect you base w…

Fleabag Vs Mutt
It\'s a great battle between a cat and a dog who are ch…

Dix in Space
Fly around in your bizarre space ship and shoot down en…

Jump, duck and slice up enemies with your sword to go o…

Dancing Queen
Dance to the beat

Tetris Arcade
Play a great remake of the classic arcade game Tetris.

Flying Squirrel
Move the flying squirrel around in order to collect poi…

A great classic jackpot game

Spin to Win
Single reel slot machine

Flash Poker
Poker game in Flash for betting

Black Jack
Play a game of casino blackjack double down split bet t…

Drift Battle
Drive the AE86 and perform drift in this car racing gam…

2000 UR Net. Cup Racing
Cat racing betting game - select your favorite and see …

4 x 4 Reli
Uovoj 4x4 ekstremnoj trci, Vi cete se trkati po ralicit…

Motocross Champions
Handle the bike and perform stunt over the track

Air Hockey 1
Play air hockey from your desktop

Kore Putt
Another mini golf with good control

Deda mraz snowborder
Vozite snowbord po planini

Skejteri - Board
Voznja skejtborda po ulicama Chikaga - Pick your Skate …

V: Force
V-Force is a simpel vertical shooter game

Virtual Cop
Virtua Cop is sent to take care of a brak-in at the Ban…

Alien Invasion
A desparate alien species is trying to sek refuge on Ea…

America Strikes Back
Go throught 3 different levels (Water, Air and Ground) …

Bust a move type game shoot bubbles at others match up …

The Big Game
Get your TV to work so that you can watch the big game …

Endless Flight
Keep the dragon flying by using the left mouse button, …

Locked Office
Another graphical adventure where you have to escape fr…

Dragon Stick Z
Igra igrica igra igrica tuca - Fight with stick figure…

Ant Ken-Do
Try to forced your opponent into the water in this japa…

Let The Fight Begin
Use your weird genital fighter man to knock out the oth…

Move in with your sumo wrestler shove the other guy out…

Find out way out of the maze.

Sammy The Salmon
The fish needs to swiwm his way to the finish line.

Clockwork Madness
Have a steady hand to play this game, type your name fo…

A great animation about a kid in school writing about t…

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