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A tribute to the Madness Combat series, with colorful a…

Flash Racer
Use Left/Right arrows to control the subway

Slow Motion
Stay on the path and collect the gems.

Ball Trap
Get all the red balls on the red side and all the blue …

Raiden X
Clone of the classic fighter plane game Raiden X

Super Mario X
Classic mario game, jump on goombas, koopa troopas and …

Ball Bounce
The aim of this game is to bounce the ball to the other…

Grab as many orchids as you can in the time alotted. Th…

Colosseum Blackjack
Play casino Blackjack and get insurance against dealer\…

5 Card Draw
Ako mislite da znate da igrate poker izvolite i pokazit…

Monster Mahjong
Play mahjong against the monsters

Fruit Machine
Pull the lever on this slot machine and win some big mo…

Super Motori  GP
Super Motori trka - igre koje Vas ostave bez daha igraj…

Mario Kart Underground
A parody of the popular Mario Kart and Need For Speed g…

4 x 4 Reli
Uovoj 4x4 ekstremnoj trci, Vi cete se trkati po ralicit…

Krazy Kar
This is a rather strange racer that requires Flash 8.

Air Hockey II
This is a very nice Air Hockey game.

Play Dart on your PC!

This is a game where you need to jump most of the time.…

Hot Shots
shoot the basketballs into the moving basket before tim…

Cannon Blast
Sink the enemy pirate ships before they blast your boat…

Generic zombie Shoot up
Shoot the zombies in the tunnel

Save Doctor Do-Did-Done
Play either in 1- or 2-players mode in this shooting ga…

Police Sniper
You are the sniper in the police force

Drill as deep as possible in search for treasure and fa…

12 Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle with 25 pieces - there is a nice animatio…

Flash Minesweeper
Flash version of the very old Minesweeper game

Memory Match
Another matching game where you have to match pair of i…

Bruce Lee Tower Of Death
Take the role of Bruce Lee in this fighting game

Kung Fu Fighter
A nice kung fu fighting game.

The Fallen
2 angels are cast out of the heaven as punishment and t…

Street Fighter
Street Fighter clone in Flash

Quick Pic
A very fast paced but enjoyable memory game... addictin…

Reach the finish without falling through the boards.

5 Spots
Find the differences between 2 images. Move your mouse …

Pacman 2005
Klasicna legendarna igra pakmen - igrica - igre - igraj…

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